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‘Pretty Strong Fitness’ opened its gym on 12th April 2021.

It offers an excellent gym space and equipment and fantastic coaching. Fitness leader, Sara, will ensure you achieve your fitness goals. Address – Pretty Strong Fitness, 18, Heaton Road, Stockport, SK4 2PH.

The company ‘The Upper Deck Studio’ is also open and is based in a studio above ‘Pretty Strong Fitness’ Gym.

We offer a number of different fitness classes in a beautiful light space, join us. Address – The Upper Deck Studio, Pretty Strong Fitness, 18 Heaton Road, Stockport, Sk4 2PH.

The Benefits of Pilates.

Some exercises and workouts have a royalistic position in the list of physical fitness systems. This is because of their relaxing poses, and our body needs them before all. Pilates is also an icon of the fitness world.

What is Pilates?

Pilates, also known as ‘Contrology,’ is a special technique to improve your body balance and strength. Pilates isn’t a set of hard exercises. This relaxing workout technique comprises more than 500 exercises that are performed on the mat, and many other tools are used.

People of any age, gender, and health can do this stressless exercise. Even pregnant women can attain more flexibility and mobility in their muscles. It is the least painful exercise that can keep you in form.

Comparison with Yoga

People usually confuse Pilates with Yoga due to similarities in their exercises. Pilates and yoga are different but may have some same exercise poses and same benefits. But there are some factors that clarify the importance of both workouts.

Basically, yoga focuses on the relaxation and flexibility of joints. In contrast, Pilates is all about the exercises to relax and strengthen the muscles. Pilates, in that way, is a very healthy addition to the life of all people.

Mental and Physical Impacts of Pilates

Routine exercise has no side effects at all. They only benefit the human body. Pilates also has so many positive impacts on your mental and physical health.

1.   Strengthening the core

Pilates is the exercise of relaxing and stabilizing the body muscles. The core is the central part of the body with piles of muscles that provide support. Pilates strengthens the core and boosts muscle functioning. This stabilizes your body and reduces the chances of back pain.

2.   Stress Reliever

Pilates has a good part of exercises that includes breath regulation. With this regulation, your nervous system relaxes. This relaxation relieves your stress. Pilates is very beneficial for reducing anxiety, depression, and stress.

3.   Good Sleep

This relaxing workout also promises a good sleep. Reducing your stress and fatigue assures a sweet sleep.

Why book a class?

So without any biasing, we have a sincere suggestion for the people who want to lead a healthy and happy life. You should book a class at Upper Deck Studio for doing Pilates finely.

With the guidance of expert trainers, you would be able to strengthen your muscles without any kind of painful exercise. Our expert trainers will help you in achieving the correct positions for muscle exercise.

If you are looking to improve your mental and physical ability, why not book a class! Relax your body and brain with the expert guidance at Upper Deck Studio. Or you can visit our website for more information. If you like this article, please share it on your social media.


Why Is Pilates So Popular?

Pilates has today become one of the most popular exercises preferred by those who want to be fit. Started by Clara and Joseph Pilates in the 1920s, the Pilates exercise is today done by more than 12 million people worldwide. During the pandemic, it was seen that Pilates was the preferred exercise by many. What makes Pilates so popular? Why is it the preferred choice for many fitness enthusiasts? Read on to know the answers.

Image source: Pexels

Why is Pilates popular?

Take a look at these numbers that tell you about the popularity of Pilates.

  • Between January and July 2021, there was a 2556% increase in the demand for low impact exercises.
  • For Pilates, the increase in demand from 2020 to 2021 has been a sizeable 25%.
  • Nearly half of people from the counties search for a Pilates exercise class.
  • It is estimated that around 10% people prefer virtual classes while the rest would want classes in-person.

The reasons for the popularity of Pilates are many. Some of the top reasons include:

  1. Pilates strengthens the core, which is very important for weight loss and other benefits.
  2. Pilates also strengthens the muscles of the back and helps people with back problems.
  3. It is the most convenient form of exercise that can be done anywhere and does not require expensive equipment.
  4. If you don’t want to visit a gym, you can still do Pilates at home by learning from virtual sessions.
  5. You need around 30 minutes per day, which even people with busy schedules can manage.

Why is it good for all ages?

Pilates is not meant for people of any one particular age group. Anyone can take up Pilates exercises. Whether they are children, teens, or the elderly, Pilates is a convenient form of exercise for people of all ages. There is no minimum requirement of fitness to take up this exercise. This is what makes it suitable for people of all ages. Whatever is your fitness level, you can take up the level of exercise in Pilates that suits your needs.

If you are a beginner, you will find exercises that help you get started. You can slowly go through different exercise routines and move to higher levels. If you are a fitness enthusiast, you will find advanced exercises that would be challenging and meet your fitness need. You can get in touch with a qualified fitness instructor, so you can get the best results from Pilates.

The Benefits of Weightlifting

If you are concerned about your body’s overall health and fitness, you should give weightlifting a try. There are many benefits of lifting heavy weights which are scientifically proven and you might be missing out on it if you are not involved in weightlifting.

Let us discuss this topic in detail to develop a better understanding.

What Is Weightlifting?

Weightlifting is a sport in which one lifts heavyweights and barbells. It demonstrates pure brute strength that one has developed through sheer will, undaunted devotion, and limitless hard work.

Pros of Weightlifting

There are certain benefits of lifting weight that you might be unaware of. But worry not as we are going to discuss some of them today.

Build Muscle

Lifting weights consistently allows you to build muscle or, in other terms, increase muscle mass. It allows you to have stronger muscles and develop overall body strength. Besides, it will also increase your muscle endurance allowing your body to do huge amounts of vigorous activity without getting tired.

Burn Body Fat

Weightlifting helps you to burn calories, you also start burning fat after a certain amount of activity. All of this helps you maintain a lean figure and develop a physique that you will be proud of.

Strengthen Bones and Joints

Lifting heavy weights puts pressure on your bones and joints and slowly trains them to absorb all that pressure. This makes your bones and joints stronger over time and decreases the chances of injury in daily life.


Motivation is a short term solution to a problem; in weightlifting, you need the discipline to keep going towards your goal. Not only does it help in the gym, but it also makes you more focused on your daily life. Hence, increasing your productivity and efficiency.

Why Women Should Weight Lift?

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, there are other benefits of weight lifting for females.

Firstly, a sense of confidence is achieved when they work on their bodies. This then turns into a sense of accomplishment when you start seeing results. It is crucial to have that confidence that you can do what you want, and it can be easily achieved by weightlifting.

How Pretty Strong Fitness Can Help

Pretty Strong Fitness help you to reach your goals as fast as possible. They offer a safe and supportive environment for women to be able to workout, offering services such as Zumba classes and personal training sessions. To find out more get in touch with Sara!

Body Health And Strength: Benefits Of Body Conditioning

What Is Body Conditioning?

Body conditioning combines a variety of cardio and resistance work exercises down to an energetic beat. This exercise mobilizes a range of body muscles to improve overall fitness. It can easily adjust your fitness regimen and do not necessarily require any equipment. 

The combination of exercises includes:

  • Strength training
  • Aerobics exercise
  • Flexibility exercise
  • Stretching exercise

Why Choose Body Conditioning Exercise?

Not only does body conditioning target your entire body movement, involving several muscles, but it also presents a wide array of benefits for physical and mental body health. Almost every medic advises exercising daily, incorporating body conditioning. 

According to a Harvard health blog, exercising, directly and indirectly, helps the brain in insulin resistance inflammation and stimulates the growth factors like new blood cells.

Indirectly it enhances the mood and uplifts spirits while reducing stress and anxiety.

What Are The Benefits Of Body Conditioning?

There is a range of benefits to body conditioning. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

·         Decreases chances of injury

If you are an athlete or someone who likes to build muscles and weight train, you might be capable of carrying weights, but you need body conditioning for other forms of mobility skills. For example, imagine you are at a grocery store, you might be capable of carrying all the shopping bags up to the car, but you can’t walk a long distance while carrying them and end up pulling or bruising your muscle. This is because your body is not “conditioned” into this form of exercise. Body conditioning makes sure that your body is ready to prevent all sorts of injuries.

·         Improves balance and flexibility

Have you ever noticed how tricky it is to walk in a straight line while maintaining your balance?

Body conditioning is a great way to improve your balance and coordination.

·         Prevents cognitive issues

The improved blood flow in your body through conditioning helps your mental health. A 2019 study concluded that the middle-aged and older adults who participated in such workout regimens had better memories than their peers. 

Furthermore, the uplifted spirits negate off-putting thoughts and feelings, eliminate stress and enhance emotional well-being. 


Considering all of the health benefits of exercises, contact Pretty Strong Fitness if you want to incorporate body conditioning in your daily exercise regimen. They are once again ready to provide high-quality body conditioning class that can help you achieve control over your strong body.

With Pretty Strong Fitness, you can transform yourself from a couch potato into a healthy and strong body, gain confidence and change your perspective on life. 

The Benefits of Personal Training

Personal Trainer Stockport

Personal training may prove to be one of the most beneficial investments you make in your overall health and well-being in the long run. It is a guarantee to achieve your own goals.


5 Benefits of Personal Training

Personal training with a professional trainer has numerous advantages over other types of exercise. This is mainly because only a qualified personal trainer will design the most appropriate training plans for you, ensuring that you reach your fitness goals in a safe manner.


Motivation is the most important factor in achieving your objectives. When working with a coach or a personal trainer, it is possible to achieve greater adherence and maintenance in training programmes. Whether it’s to start a workout or improve your personal bests, you always need extra motivation that a personal trainer can give you. In addition, it will help you avoid giving up on your goals because of poor progress.

Goals and training:

Personal training helps you design goals appropriate to your needs and interests. The personal trainer sets attainable goals for you and provides you with exercise plans tailored to your specific needs. You will not experience the frustration of participating in workouts that are not appropriate for you. You will learn the exercises you require in the proper manner and with modifications to meet your specific requirements.


Injuries are greatly reduced because the personal trainer is responsible for correcting you and providing the correct guidelines to avoid damaging or fracturing muscles, ligaments, or bones. Personal trainers help you to understand what experiences you should feel while exercising. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to make constant adjustments to your workouts, reducing the risk of injury and increasing the likelihood of seeing the results you desire.

Training with medical conditions:

A variety of chronic diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure, can be prevented or managed through regular physical activity. Exercising with a medical condition, on the other hand, necessitates additional care.

A well-versed personal trainer who has worked with clients with chronic conditions can create a plan that keeps you safe while also allowing you to have fun exercising.

Book Your Online Class:

If you are looking for a personal trainer, visit Pretty Strong Fitness. There are experts who can assist you in designing a workout that is tailored to your specific needs. They will help you in achieving your goals. You don’t have to worry about your health or safety if you have your own personal trainer. So, what are you waiting for? Just click on the website and book your class today.