What We Offer

Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes

At ‘The Upper Deck Studio’ we offer a number of excellent fitness classes. We offer a class called ‘Pilates and Stretch’ and a class called ‘Pop Pilates.’ Pilates is an extremely popular and wonderful body conditioning form of exercise. Other classes to be offered will include ‘Pilates and Journal’ and ‘Ballet Be Fit.’ “Ballet Be Fit’ is a beautiful Ballet-inspired fitness method. ‘The Upper Deck Studio’ also offers the opportunity to attend 121 Pilates sessions.

Enchant Your Heart

Attending these classes will ensure you improve your physical well-being and fitness. You will be able to strengthen and condition your whole body, you will lose weight, be healthier and reach your fitness goals. These fitness classes will improve your mental well-being. The movements, music and creativity will calm your mind, enchant your heart and help you find inner confidence and happiness. Classes are open to everyone, whatever your age and ability. Our instructor is qualified, experienced and caring. Each class is professional and fun and delivered to a mix of uplifting modern and traditional music

Try a Class

Do you need to enhance your physical and mental well-being? Do you want to improve your fitness and reach your fitness goals? I wonder if these classes can offer a solution for you? We look forwards to giving you a warm welcome to your first class with us. We have a beautiful new studio, it is light and airy with a lovely floor. You will have the opportunity to exercise along with other clients in a safe and comfortable environment. Come along and you will soon see an improvement in your physical and mental well-being. You may even make some new friends.