Ballet Be Fit

Ballet Be Fit. Be an Inspiration.

What is Ballet Be Fit?

Ballet Be Fit is a Ballet-inspired fitness method. Exercises are based on classical Ballet technique. Ballet Be Fit teach health and fitness as a holistic way- of-life. It is a full fat burning workout which includes cardio and muscle toning exercises. Exercises are done from standing and on the mat.

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The fitness method is extremely elegant, classy and enjoyable. Perhaps it will bring back memories of the Ballet class you enjoyed years ago. Ballet Be Fit is delivered to a mix of modern and traditional music. Rachel Withers is the founder and is best known as a thriving FITpreneur from the UK. Ballet Be Fit serves a global audience through studio and virtual group fitness classes and one-on-one private training. To participate in Ballet Be Fit you can join one of our group exercise classes.

What are the benefits?

Ballet Be Fit is really fun and is a beautiful way to move. It is accessible to all abilities and to all ages. Ballet Be Fit can improve flexibility, improve posture and promote an elegant poise. It can help you lose weight and make you feel healthier. This fitness method will strengthen, stretch define and tone all of your muscles. The lovely music and graceful movements will inspire you and enhance your mental well-being.