The Benefits of Weightlifting

Why Women Should Weight Lift?

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, there are other benefits of weight lifting for females.

Firstly, a sense of confidence is achieved when they work on their bodies. This then turns into a sense of accomplishment when you start seeing results. It is crucial to have that confidence that you can do what you want, and it can be easily achieved by weightlifting.

How Pretty Strong Fitness Can Help

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Body Health And Strength: Benefits Of Body Conditioning

What Is Body Conditioning?

Body conditioning combines a variety of cardio and resistance work exercises down to an energetic beat. This exercise mobilizes a range of body muscles to improve overall fitness. It can easily adjust your fitness regimen and do not necessarily require any equipment.

The combination of exercises includes:

  • Strength training
  • Aerobics exercise
  • Flexibility exercise
  • Stretching exercise

Why Choose Body Conditioning Exercise?

Not only does body conditioning target your entire body movement, involving several muscles, but it also presents a wide array of benefits for physical and mental body health. Almost every medic advises exercising daily, incorporating body conditioning.

According to a Harvard health blog, exercising, directly and indirectly, helps the brain in insulin resistance inflammation and stimulates the growth factors like new blood cells.

Indirectly it enhances the mood and uplifts spirits while reducing stress and anxiety.

What Are The Benefits Of Body Conditioning?

There is a range of benefits to body conditioning. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

·         Decreases chances of injury

If you are an athlete or someone who likes to build muscles and weight train, you might be capable of carrying weights, but you need body conditioning for other forms of mobility skills. For example, imagine you are at a grocery store, you might be capable of carrying all the shopping bags up to the car, but you can’t walk a long distance while carrying them and end up pulling or bruising your muscle. This is because your body is not “conditioned” into this form of exercise. Body conditioning makes sure that your body is ready to prevent all sorts of injuries.

·         Improves balance and flexibility

Have you ever noticed how tricky it is to walk in a straight line while maintaining your balance?

Body conditioning is a great way to improve your balance and coordination.

·         Prevents cognitive issues

The improved blood flow in your body through conditioning helps your mental health. A 2019 study concluded that the middle-aged and older adults who participated in such workout regimens had better memories than their peers.

Furthermore, the uplifted spirits negate off-putting thoughts and feelings, eliminate stress and enhance emotional well-being.


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