Heath, Safety and Coronavirus

We care about each of our clients so we ensure health and safety by following these guidelines.

Your Safety

  • All of our clients must complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR Q) prior to attending an exercise class. This uncovers health and lifestyle issues which can ensure we provide appropriate exercise and advice.
  • Our instructors are fully qualified and have a lot of experience in delivering professional exercise classes.
  • Our instructors are fully insured.
  • There are appropriate safety procedures in place such as quick introductions at the beginning of each class to explain emergency fire instructions and a moment to ask if any clients have an injury or problem which will impact them during the class. Other safety procedures include the fact that we use good quality equipment in a safe studio and we remind clients to keep equipment tidy.

Our Guidelines

We are doing our very best to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus by following these guidelines:

  • Clients need to arrive and leave on time to avoid meeting other studio and gym users.
  • Clients need to be using our one way system.
  • Studio space is large and has large windows and doors that will be opened.
  • Instructors will wear masks, clients are encouraged to do the same.
    Masks must be worn when arriving and leaving the studio.
  • Clients must bring their own masks, mats, water bottles and journals (if appropriate)
  • Clients need to wear comfortable clothing suitable for exercise.
  • Clients will need to work out in a marked area two meters from other people.
  • The floor and equipment will be thoroughly cleaned after use.