About The Instructor

About the Instructor

My name is Anna and I live in Didsbury with my husband and my two boys. My interests include Zumba with my sister, tennis and crafts. I teach many of the classes at ‘The Upper Deck Studio’ including ‘Pilates and Stretch’ and ‘Pop Pilates’. I am also the instructor for one-on-one Pilates. I will be your enthusiastic exercise mentor helping you achieve great physical and mental well-being. I will help you achieve your personal fitness goals.


I have always loved exercise, Dance and creative projects so will help you fall in love with Pilates, Ballet Be Fit and fitness. Some of my fitness qualifications include Exercise to Music, Pilates, Ballet Be Fit and Gym Instructor training. I have experience as a PT and Gym Instructor. I have an A Level in Dance and over 15 years experience of Dance training. I am a qualified and experienced Primary School teacher and love connecting well with my students. Movements, music and creativity within my stylish and caring classes can enchant your heart and bring more happiness to yourself and your world.